Brown Rice Jambalaya with Homemade Sausage

Recipe: $4.50

Per Serving: $0.90

(For 5 servings)

First, let me just say that this recipe is DELICIOUS. I don’t know how it came together so perfectly, but it is really really really good. My superawesome friend used to live in New Orleans and she once made some really amazing Jambalaya and I remember thinking: I could never make this. It was full of smoky New Orleans flavors and it was realllllllly delicious. I didn’t try to recreate that authentic recipe, but I went with a lighter, less traditional approach. The resulting Brown Rice Jambalaya is SO SO GOOD.

Easy Brown Rice Jambalaya with Homemade Sausage

Just in time to move to a country that doesn’t eat sausage, I started liking sausage. Sometime around last year it became less disgusting and more delicious. I blame a combination of Nom Nom Paleo’s sausage recipe and Get Fresh meals. So now I like sausage flavors, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t eaten sausage since May 2014 when I made the super delicious Paleo Sausage-Pepper Egg Bake. Apparently, sausage as we know it isn’t really a thing here. Instead they’ve got these flavored hotdogs that are really weird (Japanese people seem to LOVE hotdogs – what is that about?), and the foreign market has some brand of American sausage that I would never buy.

Lucky for me, improvisation is usually my friend in the kitchen, and sausage is no exception.

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Real Food Bento Box Round Up: 20 Lunch Box Ideas

20 Real Food Bento Boxes

Finally it’s time for a round-up of bento boxes! I’ve been packing bento boxes daily for the last 8 months, and I’ve come up with a lot of ideas of what works and what doesn’t. I posted 5 last week, but since I keep saying they’re puzzles (add whatever fits!), I thought I would show…

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Real Food Bento Box: Chicken Avocado Lettuce Wraps

Real Food Bento Box: Chicken Avocado Lettuce Wraps

Per Serving: $1.79 Shredded chicken is one of the cheapest proteins available. Mix it together with mashed avocado, fresh lemon juice (or lime), and tomatoes and you’ve got yourself one delicious lunch! I love lunch. There are a handful of recipes that we regularly make here in Japan, and avocado chicken salad wraps is one of…

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Real Food Bento Box: Hummus & Dippers

Hummus & Dippers Bento Box with veggies, chicken nuggets, and pizza dough

Per Serving: $1.60 It’s a week of Real Food Lunches! Lunch boxes! Bento boxes! Tomayto, tomahto, right? What sets a bento box apart is the multitude of components, so with 4 or more ingredients, these are BENTOS. Next up: Hummus & Dippers. SIMPLICITY! That’s what this box is all about. You can make hummus the star…

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Real Food Bento Box: Soba and Sesame Green Beans

Sesame Soba and Green Beans Bento Box

Per Serving: $1.46 It’s back to school season! Time to lace up (velcro up?) the brand-new kicks and start stressing about carpooling and bullies and all that other stuff I assume parents worry about when their kids go back to school. I don’t know about any of it because my parents were always ready for…

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Cucumber-Feta-Stuffed Tomatoes

Cucumer-Feta-Stuffed Tomatoes

Recipe: $2.50 Per Serving: $1.25 This recipe is an ode to my parents. Well, not really, but I will give them some credit here. When we were kids, they were the masters of the picnic basket. Road trip? Drive-in movies? Camping? Going to see an outdoor play? Transatlantic flight? They were always prepared with coolers full…

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Homemade Peanut Butter

1-Ingredient Homemade Creamy Peanut Butter

Recipe: $1.00 Per Serving: $0.10 Have you ever made homemade nut butters? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Most of us are under the impression that you need a legit Vitamix in order to make something as fancy as homemade peanut butter. BUT NOPE. No fancy schmancy $600 blender needed! Just a…

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